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Financial Planning



Risk Management

Life Insurance Annuities:    -Fixed (single flexible and immediate)    -Variable Annuities (immediate & flexible payment)    -Group Annuities (qualified retirement plans) Disability Planning Long-Term Care Planning



Asset Management

 Fee-Based Wealth Management Fixed-Income Investments:    -Mutual Funds (income-oriented)    -Municipal and Government Bonds    -Money Markets Equity Investments:    -Mutual Funds (growth-oriented)    -Publicly Traded Stocks Retirement/Education Planning    -Traditional IRAs    -Roth IRAs    -SEP IRAs    -SIMPLE IRAs    -401(k) Plans    -403(b)(7) Plans     (non-contributory)    -Profit-Sharing Plans    -529 Plans


Estate Planning


Business Planning


Business Planning:

   -Executive Bonus Plans    -Business Continuation Plans    -Key Person Plans    -Split Dollar Plans    -Group Carve Out Plans    -Salary Continuation    -Deferred Compensation Plans    -Executive Planning Services    -Buy-Sell Agreements